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Drawing on cutting edge research in cognitive science, our methods offer a unique approach to skill-building.  Thinking well — clearly, critically, creatively — is essential to the majority of both private and public sector positions.  Each of our workshops is geared towards improving some aspect of these capacities.

Choose an area (from below) in which you are interested and send us an e-mail with some details about your team and about what you hope they will learn from the experience.  We will put together a workshop that will best suit your needs.  All workshops are delivered at your location at a time of your choosing.

Critical Thinking

On a daily basis, we are, quite literally, bombarded with data — from our phones, from our computers, from all manner of electronic device, at work, at play, and at home. The internet has put information on any conceivable topic at our fingertips.  Since we are able to make more of our own informed decisions, there is a potential here for increased productivity.

The downside to this wealth of information, however, is that we become bogged down by the sheer vastness of it. We become side-tracked by minutiae and noise. We are surrounded by the resources we need to make our decisions, but because we are unable to separate out what we need from what we don’t, we fail to make those decisions effectively.

Just one of the payoffs of thinking critically is the ability to efficiently hone in on relevant bits of data and to discard the rest. In the workplace, where productivity and efficiency deliver competitive advantages, having the ability to think critically is an invaluable skill to have.

Creative Thinking

It’s one thing to be able to deal competently with large amounts of data, to follow an argument through to its logical consequences, and to perform rigorous analyses of problem situations — the ability to perform these tasks well is the hallmark of a critical thinker — but it’s another thing entirely to find novel solutions to difficult problems, to ‘think outside the box’.

In order to become strong independent thinkers, who can be relied upon not just to get the job done, but to figure out what the job needs to be, we need to exercise our creative thinking skills.

Clear Thinking

Cognitive skills are not atomistic capacities — improving one will have a positive effect on others as well.  But this does not mean that focusing on just one will ensure equal growth in all three: it is not unusual, for example, to find people who excel as critical thinkers, but who are unable to break outside of the vertical framework in order to produce novel solutions to problems.

One area that is often not treated as a cognitive capacity at all is the ability to think clearly.  People who have cluttered minds, who are unable to push aside distractions, who sometimes find it difficult to concentrate on a task for an extended period of time, need improvement in the clarity of their thought.  They need exercises that will help them de-clutter their minds and they need strategies for focusing on issues even in highly distracting surroundings.  These workshops focus on enhancing the mind/body connection — to use a dualist metaphor — since clarity of thought follows from a deepening of our body awareness.  Expect some physical activity in these workshops.

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