Meet the Team

Nancy Salay, Ph.D, Founder

Nancy has 15+ years of experience teaching cognitive skills, both at universities and in the private sector.  (Find out about her current research here.)  She has long struggled with the problem of how to bridge the gap between theory and practice; Do It Better is the result. Extending this idea one step further, she founded ESC (Embodiment, Systems, and Complexity: Research Institute for Embodied Cognitive Science).  The mission of the institute is to foster inter-disciplinary activity in a broad range of areas, not just in those traditionally under the cognitive science umbrella.  Researchers who are committed to making their work applicable to the general public in some way are particularly encouraged to join the institute.  You can find out more about ESC here.
Morgan Wade, MA, CIT, Webmaster
Morgan is a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD) with 15+ years’ experience in database programming, application development, and system design, specializing in C#, Php, MySQL, SQL Server, Drupal, and WordPress.  
Sharon Miklas, B.Comm (Marketing), M.Sc. (Marketing), Marketing/Sales Manager
Sharon has both studied and taught marketing at the university level.  She has also published articles in the area of marketing in refereed academic journals and was the co-author of an instructor’s manual for a prominent marketing textbook.  Sharon has an extensive background in research and program evaluation.  She is a good fit for Do It Better because she is very interested in both physical and mental wellness and how they can work together synergistically to improve well being.