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Free your Self: Sharpen and Expand your Mind with Meditation ↜

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Mindfulness Meditation Course

Free your Self: Sharpen and Expand your Mind with Meditation

The Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation are Well-Supported by Studies A regular practise has been shown to …

  • Reduce Stress
  • Reduce Anxiety
  • Reduce Depression
  • Reduce Addictive Tendencies
  • Improve Concentration
  • Improve Attention
  • Improve Memory
  • Improve Sleep
  • Provide Emotional Balance and Stability
  • Increase Positive Emotional States
  • Help Children and Adolescents Handle Intense Emotions
  • Diminish Age-Related Neural Degeneration

Most courses in meditation focus on mental precision —​ this is mindfulness —​ and only to a beginner degree. This course is designed in a multi-tiered way so that it can serve many different needs, both beginner and advanced instruction in both mindfulness and expanded awareness, without bogging anyone down with long, boring videos! Find out more about it here.

Brain Training ++

Want a better brain?  Want a more focused mind? Brain Training++, a fun, new online course by Do It Better can help with that.

Get it for just $10 when you join from here.

The Program: This one-month program will not only develop your brain — memory, attention, and problem solving skills — but it will also teach you how to undo the negative cognitive side-effects of our modern technologies.

Heavy technology use will lead to brain fatigue, stress, and depression … unless coping strategies are implemented.

The Results: This course will give you those tools:
— Brain-enhancing exercises and techniques for developing a daily brain/body routine that works for your lifestyle;
— Knowledge of the most important brain basics so that you can make healthy life choices.
What People are Saying about Dr. Salay and Brain Training++: “Seriously, this class is fantastic. … Anyone who is interested in learning and growing will benefit from taking this class.” — Deb, Udemy Student
“The daily meditation with Dr. Salay quickly became the highlight of my day.” — Erin Webster, CPA


Workshops for Educators

One of the greatest challenges facing teachers is maintaining focus in the classroom.  Our full-day workshop — The Focused Classroom — will provide teachers with fun, cognitive exercises they can pick and choose from to develop their own approach to attention-priming. Teachers will walk away from this session feeling inspired and energised with a new tool-kit of activities for the classroom.

Workshops for Healthcare Professionals

How can we best help people cope with the decline of their mental capacities? With body/brain training.  Our full-day workshop — The Age-Defying Brain — will guide health care professionals through a series of engaging cognitive and physical exercises from which they can develop training regimens for their own clients.

Corporate Training Workshops

The internet is an enormous source of distraction that can lead to a decline in worker effectiveness and productivity.  Our full-day workshop — The Working Brain — provides professionals with techniques to develop the skill of mental focus in noisy environments. People will walk away from this session feeling inspired and energised with a concrete action-plan for self-improvement.  Find out more about what your team will get from this experience here.

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